Is a self-funded plan right for you?

As employee health care prices rise, many companies are looking at new ways to take control of these costs. Self-funded plans are an alternative that can reduce costs while providing plans tailored to employees’ needs.

Self-funding is on the rise. Fifty-nine percent of companies in the United States self-fund their plans.

No longer just for large corporations. Self-funded plans from The Health Plan can cover companies with as few as 25 employees.

Control costs. Pay medical claims as incurred or deposit expected costs each month. After the claims are paid, keep the year-end difference while stop-loss insurance protects from catastrophic claims. 

Personalize your plan. Mimic the structures and benefits of your current plan, or build a custom plan to fit your company. 

Protect your plan. THP can secure stop loss for your self-funded health plan so employee claim cost does not exceed expected claim amount.

Access to national PPO networks. As a trusted third-party administrator, THP gives access to a wide variety of respected doctors and hospitals.

Your Rights

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