How to Improve HOS Quality Measures

Physicians drive performance on the following important CAHPS and HOS Quality Measures.  You will find impactful talking points and advice beneath each measure.

Annual flu vaccine and pneumonia vaccine:
  • Ask patients if they received flu and pneumonia vaccines.

 Obtaining needed care:

  • Make scheduling as easy as possible. Ask staff to schedule specialist appointments and write down the details for your patients.

 Getting appointments and care quickly:

  • Break up wait times by moving patients from the waiting room into an exam room to take vitals.
  • Contact your patients when delays are expected using telephone, text or email.
  • Advise patients of the best days or times to schedule appointments.
Coordination of care composite measure:
  • Expedite the time it takes to follow up on blood tests, x-rays, and other tests.
  • Remind patients to bring a list of their prescriptions.

Improving or maintaining physical health:

  • Applaud your patient’s physical health when possible and encourage them to stay positive.
Monitoring physical activity:
  • Be specific in your recommendations for physical activity. For example, suggest walking at a particular local park or shopping mall so patients have specific, actionable ideas.
Reducing the risk of falling: 
  • Remind patients of corrective features they can use at home such as installing hand rails or using a cane can prevent falls.


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