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Staying Active

  • Learn ways to exercise at home during the pandemic.

  • Covers ways to be active in fall/winter weather. Offers tips for indoor activities like mall walking or joining a gym. Also covers outdoor exercise options such as raking leaves and shoveling snow. Provides tips on how to dress appropriately and be safe.

  • Covers outdoor summer activities. Offers tips for being safe in heat and humidity, such as drinking plenty of water and staying in shade when you can. Also suggests indoor activities, like mall walking and housework, if heat is too intense.

  • Learn how to connect with others and find support to achieve your goals.

  • Picture yourself making physical activity a routine, and practice taking small steps to get started.

  • Physical activity is essential for lifelong health and well-being. A child can't be healthy if he or she isn't playing actively or exercising most days of the week. One of the very best things you can do for your children's health is to help make physical activity a habit—something that will be a natural part of their...

  • Avoid unplanned eating and drinking Having regular low-calorie snacks throughout the day along with regular smaller meals is a good way to manage your hunger. Plan snacks as part of your overall calories for the day, and avoid eating unplanned calories. Do not sample the food while cooking. When...

  • When you are living with health problems, regular exercise and activity are important. They keep you healthier, give you energy, make you stronger, and help your mood. Exercise and activity can help many health problems. An active body is less likely to give in to diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, arthritis...

  • Discusses challenges of being a new parent and continuing to exercise. Covers amount of exercise needed for health and why it's important. Also offers tips on how to fit exercise into daily routine at home, at parks or playgrounds, and gyms.

  • Discusses how to stay active even while traveling. Offers packing tips, such as taking exercise equipment. Also suggests ways to exercise at the airport (walking laps in the terminal). Also offers ideas for exercises you can do while in a motel/hotel.

  • You may be worried about having enough energy to exercise. These tips can help. And remember this: Exercise can actually give you more energy. After they start to be more active, most people feel more energetic throughout the day. Eat a balanced diet Unless you're exercising for an hour or more, you...

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